Coolbell TopLoad Messenger Bag Buy Online In Pakistan At Best Price

Coolbell TopLoad Messenger Bag Grey/Black (12″ inch)


Coolbell CB 3006 TopLoad Messenger Bag Grey/Black (12″ inch)

  • GREY

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CoolBell CB 3006 TopLoad Messenger Bag Grey (10.6)

Product details of CoolBell CB-3006 TopLoad Messenger Bag Grey (10.6)

  • Suitable for ipad 10.6 inches
  • High-grade Canvas fabric
  • Weight: 0.38 Kg
  • Color: Grey

The CB-3006 cross-stitch bag is made of canvas (paisley fabric) combined with premium Pu leather and strap-on straps that create a bit of dust and style.

CB 3006 has a capacity of 3.5 kg.Get enough space for your personal belongings every day.T

All the threads of the bag are meticulously meticulous, the points of strength are sewn up to 2 times.The product is the only soft cushion case of the current Coolbell


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