CB 3011

CB 3011

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Brand: Coolbell
Model No: CB-3011
Size: 10.6″
Type: Tablet & Ipad Bag
Material: Canvas

The top of the backpack has a small drawer for headphones or phone chargers.
The spacious middle compartment is divided into two main compartments.
You can store 2 clothes or 5 books in this main compartment. You are assured that with this capacity, it is possible to go to the road with full luggage!
The Tablet & Ipad compartment is capable of holding up to 10.6″ inch devices.
The backpack of CB 3011 is full of card compartments, wallet drawers or important items.
All the stitches are meticulously crafted to each needle and thread. The strap of the backpack is extremely firm leather with pressure points sewed many times.
The comfortable shoulder pad ensures that one backpack user is comfortable to wear for hours on end.
The strap of the backpack CB – 3011 is designed to be detachable straps that help you press the belt directly after adjusting on the shoulder instead of going around the neck.