CB 3038

CB 3038

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Brand: Coolbell
Model No: CB-3038
Size: 17.3inch & 15.6inch
Type: Messenger Bag, Laptop Bag
Material: High-quality Oxford fabric

Coolbell CB-3038 laptop pair Coolbell CB-3038 is a pair of laptops with a youthful and luxurious design.
The mid-sized 15.6 & 17.3inch laptop is equipped with a thick shockproof.
The pair has a main compartment for laptops and documents as well as books, suitable for office workers, people who often go to meetings, business, teaching, etc. Besides, CB 3038 also has small compartments. front and back you can hold both clean notebooks, A4 paper …
This pair of laptops have modern colors. Colors suitable for both men and women and easy to coordinate with costumes.
All seams of the bag are carefully meticulously sewn. The bearing points are sewn repeatedly.
A special feature of the CB-3038 is an additional USB port, this USB port is located on the outside of the pair connected to an internal charging cord to combine with the backup battery and phone charger.
This feature is very suitable when you are sitting in a room with no power outlet, going out and convenient for you to move. You can easily keep your phone in your pocket and still charge it.